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Port Hacking For 1st Time Tomorrow!


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Sorry for all the different posts but have decided to try Port Hacking surrounds tomorrow preferably chasing Bream and Flatty's.

Got Hard Bodies, Soft Plastics and also Hawkesbury Prawns, peeled. Should I try chicken breast pieces as well?

Was told to peel the prawns and put in a small amount of salt and sugar??

What is the best rig for the peeled prawns? In the past I have used long leader with ball sinker->swivel->leader and long shank hook.

Any good spots to anchor up/drift, have GPS and sounder combo.

Any recommendations, idea's, thoughts or comments PLEASE let me know.

Thanks again.


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G'day Rob,

Sounds like a good day.

A good drifting and casting spot for flathead is the mangroves opposite Gundamain point. Gray's Point would be the closest boat ramp there.

Another good spot to drift is in front of the Telford boat shed. Absolutely monster bream and blackfish there. Also groper but they're protected, I think.

Excellent squid in the channel just off the Rathane boat shed, over the weed beds. Can get excellent schools of salmon and tailor in the deep water off Warrumbul.

Flathead, bream, whiting and blue swimmer crabs at Maianbar and Bonnie Vale. Great stuff!


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G'Day Matthew!

Thanks for your reply. Well we went out to the Hacking today, wife and kids in tow. Had an assortment of hard bodies, soft plastics and Hawkesbury Prawns.

Fished a small "bay" not far from the Gray's Point boat ramp. My daughter was the first in and within seconds got a small pink snapper! My son then scored a small whiting and the wife a small bream and so on.

No keepers. Moved on and fished the southwest arm into the upper reaches, again a few small fish on s.p's otherwise nothing. Not a bad day as such, nothing to take home but the wife and kids had a great day!



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