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Getting a little frustrated buying boat covers that are poor quality and fail to last 3 months,this is mainly to rain building up inside and tearing the material and then its useless.Yesterday i watched an episode of FISH and the 2 blokes(dont know there names)had these sweet looking boat cover i dont know what they were made could of been aluminium or some sort of timber and they had handles on them,they just leifted them and off they went,it looked like they were 3 different parts,there boat was parked on the beach so it looked like a common cover..does anyone know what im talking about??

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Dont know about those covers but just a few things that I do with mine

It has lasted 4.5 years without real probs

Got a little tear where aluminium frame of windscreen corners were sharp and the wind blowing had started an early hole - got it fixed by a cover guy reinforcing a strip that rubs on the windscreen edge with thick plastic stuff like bags are made of

now also put small offcut squares of marine carpet over the sharp winscreen corners so it cant happen again

to stop water building up on it I keep the boat sloping back by putting blocks under jockey wheel to get front higher - plus have an ice cream container on transom each side of engine well to let rain flow off without letting the transom edge become a pool wall, flows faster and is channelled so doesnt pool

the pooling water or wind can make it rip so I just do these couple of things and it seems fine

good luck

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