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Mixed Day On Mh

squid hunter

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Gday Raiders how are yas,

Headed out bright and early 430am on what turned out to be a gorgeous day on mh. The aim was to go for some kings and extra inkers for lunch... and enjoy some leather jacket lagers whilst doing so :beersmile:

So my mate 'roggy' and i headed to Bantry Bay to try for some livies.. we never imagined it to be so hard to get squid when we can usually get so many.

After i finally landed one inker, on the end of my next cast i thought i had a snag.. bugger!.... but just when i thought i had to say goodbye to my faithful orange jig, the rod starts to bounce... beautiful mate im thinkin.

My initail thoughts were a massive inker... but as it got closer to the net it looked more like a big occy (sweet)... but then it cam closer and as my mate roggy looks into the water he cops a big water jet bang right in the kisser.. Big Cuttly!!! :thumbup: . Lunch and dinner already sorted now

So as roggy managed to get a few yakkas and 1 smaller squid.. we had ok bait headin into our spots in mh. Our first spot we decided to anchor up with a squid head and live yakka.. After id just cracked my first LLL,

sure enough my okuma combo goes ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ on the squid head.. struck and just felt weight.. must just be a tiny ratty... but then he gave me aanother ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ even longer this time.. so maybe a bit bigger.. Ended up boating a lovely 70 king.. Usually bit these boys back but i figured since we were having company that night that we add a bit of kingy to the feast

After the day started so positive... roggy and i had nothing going for us.. the fish were gone like last week's pay.

We were just about to call it a day but as i bought up that same squid head from the king, i felt a dead weight.. maybe another cuttlefish? or dweller of somesort perhaps.. as it came to the surface it was just a big hunk of weed.. but a saw a nice ocotpus under the weed... quickly yelled for the net and sure enough ive caught the 3 tenties of the sea - cuttle, inker n occy.

The day could have been better, would have like some more kings... but its not everyday u get a big fella like that on a squid jig..

Nothing was better than havin the squid and occy for lunch and king and cuttle for dinner :yahoo:

Here are some pics from the trip... didnt get many as my phone is pretty full


Squid Hunter



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i find the occies a major handful. how do you kill it quickly?

gday choad

we try our best to turn its head inside out

this can be quite difficult at times.. but remember it cant last out of water forever.. so sometimes we just wak it in the esky


Squid Hunter

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Thats a cracker cuttlefish!! Hope you saved the "candles". They are dynamite Kingfish bait!!!

how are ya hot bite

we did save one of the candles

but it was during the time where sydney kings just dissappeared for us.. only managed a little rat


Squid Hunter

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Good work on the cephalopod Grand Slam! Some real tasty treats there. Last two trips I've gone in search of the big cuttle, they're around in good enough numbers to make a worthwhile target.

Hey choad, how's the beast? If you get an occie that's too big to handle but just right for dinner, put a gaff thru it's head and jam a cork or whatever on the end. Not a very elegant solution but highly effective. Big ones aren't worth it, they will go all Jules Verne at the first & every opportunity.

I would love to know the yum cha recipe for occy legs, the yellow fried ones with chilli.

Can anyone help?


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