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New Live Fibre Broken


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hello people, i recently got my hands on a nice live fibre (10' 6-10kg spin) , purchased from a bloke at a market for $17.50 . i only had it for 2 days and my old man closed the car window on it and crushed the blank .... :ranting2: any way the rod is now broken and i was wondering if there would be any way of salvaging it (its broken about a foot down from the tip)

a bloke at a local tackle shop was telling me that i could have it cut down and buy a new section ( i suppose what he ment was to cut it in the middle and turn it into a 2 piece rod) ... i dont know if it could be done and if it could where would i get a 2nd section of rod???

if anyone has heard of this ever being done info would be appreciated . its a shame to see such a nice rod go in the bin


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You could try glueing in an internal sleeve cut from another section of rod with epoxy-shops that make up rods often have all sorts of offcuts lying around.It is going to alter the action but is worth a try-I'd go and see Big Bob at West Gosford if it was me.



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That is a really difficult repair.

As mentioned, you could try a splice with an off cut of another blank. This will never be perfect and a "flat" spot will most likely occur.

If you were to get this done professionally, you will probably have to pay much more than the $17.50 is cost you in the first place. :(

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