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hey mate i was there all day sunday..

didnt find a dollie out there.

went 2 the fad 22km from heads..

also found about 10 or so seperate traps and checked under each 1

temp was 20.5 on sunday

u want over 21 4 dollies..

23 and they are going ballistic

thanks for that mate... do you know what the best site to check water temp is? apart from sites u gotta pay for like SST


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Hi Kingy kid, Dollies are one of my favourite fish to catch.There

good fighting, good looking and great eating fish [fresh].Every

summer im out there targeting them, Came across my first school

on wednesday under some fish trap bouys and then again saturday

under a floating log. Both times had no takers with live yakkas and

trolling skirts [very strange]. I personally have got dollies in as low as

20.5 degree water but there definitely prefer warmer water. We need

the water to warm up before we see them in numbers, hears hoping.

Cheers, Mike.

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