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Bondi Beach


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I've never tried from the beach, only from the rocks on the left of the beach. But you need to be careful of the wave and cast as far as you can into the deeper water. I gave up after a while because of all the snags, but this old Norwegian fella that lives in the area swears it's worth a go as they get some decent fish (kings, tailor) and near the rocks blackies.

Also might be worth using a float to help with avoiding snags.

Good luck, looking forward to your report :)

hey raiders im thinking of heading down to bondi tonight and could anyone let me know if its good fishing there?



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G'day mate.

I haven't fished Bondi for years but used to fish it a fair bit.

I used to fish from the beach on the north end near the pool. It used to be lit at night.

We used to get lots of flatties, bream & a few dart there. I used to fish on calm evenings into the night on a rising tide with half pillies. I didn't even use a beach rod as it was protected from the nor'east wind & swell. Didn't have to cast too far either. :biggrin2:

From memory we did best around Feb - Mar.

Hope this helps.



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