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70cm + Lizard


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Caught a few chunky poddies yesterday and hit the water in my kayak this morning at 6am for the big run-in. Scored a nice squid on a livey and a 48cm flatty on a SP in the first hour.post-4017-1231818681_thumb.jpg Just after drifting under the bridge one rod doubles over and I strike to feel some weight and head shakes. Knew it was a good fish so I peddled and towed it along as I got the other rod in. After a 5 minute tussle up she comes and after some violent surface thrashing I netted the big girl. I have a 50cm sticker on the side of the yak and she was about one and a half of it so I think she was between 72cm and 75cm and very fat. Couldn't get a good pic of her to show her size and I made a promise to myself not to keep any flatties over 70cm so off she went back to the bottom. Twas a good feeling and you would think the fish gods would shine on me after that but that was all folks.post-4017-1231819290_thumb.jpgpost-4017-1231819097_thumb.jpg

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One of the very few advantages of a tinny over your yak is the room to take a piccy. :( That is a bloody nice fish mate! I can just imagine what she would have done to your usual SX40s :biggrin2: A great read as always mate. Hope they keep finding your hooks :thumbup:



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