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Humminbird Gps


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Hi all

Read Balmain Bobs post regarding EasyGPS program to add GPS marks to your sounder/GPS. However I have a Humminbird sounder and of course it isn't compatible with the EasyGPS program.

Heres what the EasyGPS site had to say about Humminbird.


Humminbird will not release information on their data interface. At least one of their products comes with a PC data manager that claims to support GPX. Our testing showed that it crashed when opening properly-formatted GPX files, however.

Does anyone know if there is a way to add GPS marks on a PC program then transfer it to my unit. Its a pain having to sit in the boat on the trailer & add marks. I did once connect the unit up to a battery & sit in my loungeroom plugging in marks but man it was painful & not what I'd call an easy solution.

I've spent a small fortune on this unit & the navionics maps to go with it & it seems ridiculous to me that other brands can find solutions to this issue (Proving I'm not the only dweeb that wants to load marks at my PC rather than sitting in a hot garage)

Any help gladly accepted & appreciated.

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