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Who Kayaked Into Work Today ?


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which is why smoking should be banned in public areas...

cant take my daughter anywhere outdoors without the stinky faggers ruining our fresh air!

Always got to be someone who hijacks a thread to have a whinge. :thumbdown:

Back to the original post, thats a classic, makes you wonder how and why it's there.


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I saw a woman yesterday with a paddle that had been dismantled sticking out of the sides of her backpack yesterday and thought WTF?? I reasoned that she'd just invested in a new one. Maybe not. I hadn't seen the 'yak in Kent St.

Good on her...

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Ok Seriously,

I often see push bikes chained up to poles in the city, but never expected to see a Kayak chained up on kent street this morning?

Yaking to work, Im impressed !



hey all

i have a guy here at where i work that paddles in and home every day from gladsville to darling harbour its funny seeing a canoe parked in our bike cage

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