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Motor Issues, I Think?

marcel haber

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Good Day fellow Raiders,

I have a as new Yamaha 50hp outboard on my boat.

The motor was purchased brand new and has been running perfect until now.

Not all the time but of late the motor when given throttle will sometimes not develop any power and the motor feels like it wants to stall so I have to ease off on the throttle and go slow otherwise if I keep giving throttle the engine will stall.

The engine at this time loses power and it feels like the engine is not getting enough fuel or there is a kink in the fuel line.

I have done a trouble shooting check and dont believe that it is the fuel line, charge or petrol for that matter.

When the boat has this problem it sounds like the motor is sucking dirty fuel.

This problem is frustrating and then after a while the motor regains power and is back to its normal running self.

Im hoping that you guys may have a clue to what is the problem,

Maybe Huey can advise as well.


Twin 1

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Check that the breather on the fuel tank is open.

Check for dirty fuel , or water in the fuel .

Check that the fuel filter is not clogged .

Roughly how many hours does the motor have on it ? If still under warranty , return it to the dealer for further testing.


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Hi Mate, from what you are describing it sounds fuel related and could be a simple as a mixture adjustment and as Ross suggests if under warranty return it to the dealer and do not take it back until it is running right-that is the benefit of buying new-you get a warranty and does not sound like a big issue.



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I also have a Yamaha 50hp (2001 model 2 stroke) which is doing very similar things. I'd be on a plane then all of a sudden lose power. I found that if the decky primes it as we're travelling, I'd regain power. Problem is that the decky was getting RSI :wacko:

I've had enough of the uncertainty so I've booked it in with Huey to interrogate.



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I remember having a very similar problem with my outboard. if you slowly eased the throttle on , no problems, but if you gasses it up it would sound like it had eaten a beach umbrella.... turns out the linkage for the carbies had come loose ( its a tiny little bit of white plastic that clips into the linkages). clip her back on and whoa! instant HP gain. felt like completely different engine. might not be the problem but worth a look.



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