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Squid Off The Stones.


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G'day raiders,

went with a mate for a spin off the rocks for anything pelagic. Tossed 40g raiders around for no result then tried flickbaits. Noted what looked like a squid have a go on the retrieve. Losing the discipline, just could resist prospecting with a 3g y-z jig and from the first cast started pulling them in. It was almost a cast a squid. Just awesome fun.

Ended up with 6. What they lack in fight they make up for in other ways. Better than taking home a couple of tailor or sambos, at any rate.

Apologises for their ragged appearance, putting them in a rock pool (that was getting fresh wash from the surf) in full view of the sun was a error not to be repeated.

Respect for my mate for staying disciplined - he kept on hurling into the distance despite all my hooting and hollering!


A great feed and more jewie ammo!

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