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Hawkesbury Fishing With Daiwa Tierra?


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Hi all, me and my mates gona go Hawkesbury river this week

I only got a medium rod thats 6-8kg with 10lb fireline, but

I want to catch big fishes at hawkesbury, i heard under the road bridge theres jewfishes and other big fishes

The question i pose is that I was wondering would the Daiwa Tierra 4000 be good enough reel and would a 8 - 12 or 8 - 15kg rod be suitable for it ?

I just want to know that will this reel be strong enough to tackle like say? 5-8kg kingies? or like 60-80cm jewies?

Im planning to get it at BCF with a 8 - 12kg or 8 - 15kg rod and put my 20lb fireline on it

any suggestion or recommendations, be much appreciated


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That should be fine mate, with the smaller jewies like that i wouldn't be worried but even the smaller kingies can give you some grief. Depends a lot on where you're fishing and if there is structure there that they can bust you off on. If there is then you'll need to really lay into them in that first few seconds but if not then take your time, dont rush the fish or overset your drag.

Good Luck


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The Tierra is a fantastic reel for the price. I fish a 4000 with 30lb braid, but you really cant expect to fish 30lb hard out all the time on that reel. I often push my line to the limit, but not on my 4000 as I dont feel it is up to fishing 30lb to the hilt. Stick to 1/3 drag settings and it will never let you down! Mine has caught a heap of kings and copped a heap of abuse.

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went BCF yesterday to get my daiwa tierra, but instead of getting daiwa, i ended up with a Shimano Twinpower 6000FB as it was on discount

i got a shimano twinpower 6000 with bay hunter 8kg 1piece rod - 30lb tufline and a size 7 hook

I was fishing at hawkesbury river today and only manage to get 2 jewfish that was both size 30's >< under size

i got some small taylor and yellow tail - i hook it on my size 7 hook - but Im not sure what size sinker should i use?

as i left my bigger sinkers at home , i only had small circle ones that was 1cm radius

can u guys teach me how to cast live bait with my shimano twinpower to catch fishes in general? ( at hawkesbury, i was trying to go for jewfish)

which part of the fish should i hook it?

what size hook,

wat size sinker?

and the taylors i caught were like 15cm? that i chuck on my size 7 hook

and what drag should i do? 1/3?


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