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Balmoral Wharf


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hey raiders im thinking about going to balmoral tonight to fish off the wharf and i was just wondering if theres yellow tail around the wharf 2 catch and use for live bait?

And also wondering what type of fish are about at balmoral at the moment?

If anyone can advise me please advise me about balmoral.

Cheers Panooch :1fishing1:

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You should buy pilchards screw prawns never work for me

Using the pillies catch your yakkas and chuck out fresh yakka strips for some nice bream and flathead :thumbup: btw i dont fish there alot but a friend of mine does and when i go with him he always just brings a few left over pillies and catches yakkas for bait


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ive seen a bloke haul in yellowtail every cast at balmoral wharf a few years ago. He fished with chicken breast and small cut pillies on a bait fish jig. I dunno if anyone knows the guy im talking about, he was a regular down their, i used to see him every time i went. He also had dark skin - maybe i should call missing persons unit? lol

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