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Kingfish Social


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Hello to all raiders,

Unfortunately i have obligations to work every Sunday so i was unable to attend the Kingfish social. i spoke to a mate and his results were very upsetting. He landed one rat all day.

I was wondering on how the results were and what worked the best (rigs, baits, lures etc)

Cheers Kris

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I can tell you what didnt work Kris, everything that I done!!

We downrigged, trolled, live baited, drift baited, plastics, lures hard and soft, anchored, had baits high low and mid water, used squid and yakkas fresh. Fished every marker from Shark Island to inside Nth Head across to Dobroyd and all the markers on the way back to Clifton all for 1 king (probably just legal) lost at the boat.

Needless to say it was a tough day, the weather and meeting and catching up with people at the social made up for it though.

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Had similar results. Bout 10 rats all undersize. 1 HUGE bricking that 2 lucky guys anchored witnessed and i shook my head about and am still in shock!!!

Crap results for such a nice day out.

Similar results from all the fishos i spoke to except the 2 hippies that had 5 x 50cm rats gutted and cleaned at rose bay ramp and bragging....


Was about 2 seconds short of thumping them but the :wife: would have not been too happy about that.

dead set these guys had small tailor bigger than the Kings...If you guys are on this site.. Get OFF!!!!!!!!!!

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sad to hear you guys didn't manage any good kings to speak of. I hope the day was fun anyway.

HI Fellas

I we managed about 10 rats at quarantie, but they all went back in as they were well undersized. At about 8.oo am told my mate, I had to go to the loo and try and buy a hat, scince I forgot my one at home and the sun was on us, anyway we went to balmoral public warf, on arrival, a group on guys fishing there, had a bucket with about I'd say 30 dead baby leatherjackets. I am talking less than 10 cm big. When I asked them what the hell did they think they were going to do with them , on of the one guys says " none off your bussiness bro " #$#$%%^ OFF!!. Then if this wasnt so bad, as we were leaving one of there mates jumps off the warf with a spear gun, bloody idiots.

I tell ya was a great day before I witnessed this crap. I too witnessed a few $%%^$$ heads keep undersized fish at quarantine. Something has to be done, I am going to send the authorities an email today , Im not holding my breath.


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This thread has gone way :offtopic:

Just a reminder to all about site rules.

There is to be no posting about illegal fishing in the forums.

There is no use bitching about it here. Contact the authorities & do something about it.

We were handing out plenty of " report illegal fishing' cards at the social yesterday. Carry the numbers with you & when you see illegal fishing report it.

A full report on the social will be posted today.

Topic closed.



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