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Landbased Fat Flatty

Moro Mou

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Hello Raiders,

I had a quick plastics session this evening for no joy so switched to unweighed pillie fillets. Managed a few small bream before coming up solid on the attached. I was only using 4lb fluro leader and must admit thought i had no chance but manged to navigate the plyons and eventually beach her. Interesting though during the fight i polietly asked two people holding a boat whether they had a landing net i could borrow. One of them said yes and the other said no. When i polietly asked again they said it was in the boat and they could not get it. Anyway when i lowered the flatty back into the water after a quick photo and watched it swim off the two unhelpful people looked at me with amazment and couldn't beleive what i had done.

Hopefully i will get another chance at the big girl some other day but with a plastic.


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sounds silly but in the end i was pretty happy i landed it without a net as the degree of difficulty made the capture a little more memorable.

Not silly at all mate. Very fine leader ... no net ... landbased ... definitely a capture worth skiting over. Great stuff! :thumbup:


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