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Hawkesbury Bass


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Hi all,

Went out for a bash yesterday afternoon at about 4.30pm. Fished the lower Hawkesbury using hard body lures around numerous rock walls and weed beds. We had several hits but no hook ups. The bass were tapping the lures with no ethusiasm at all.

7pm arrived and we moved to another large steep rock wall with deep water in front of it. While I untangled the birds nest from hell in my braid, my fishing partner had a couple of bursts of excitment as he was hit a couple of times but with no hook up. Then as he cast into the rocks landing the lure cm from the wall, the lure was smashed as it hit the water. The drag screamed in short bursts and he said, "This is a good one, my drags wound up pretty hard".

I grabbed the net and he brought the fish to the surface. It was a good sized bass and his personal best. With a quick measurement and a photo, the bass went 39cm before it was released. I caught a little one before we moved. Tried several other spots with no luck.

Hopefully they will be more hungry next time.

Happy hunting,



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Well done. That is a great sized bass :thumbup: Where in the Hawkesbury did you catch it? Plenty of small fish around. Haven't managed to get the big one so far.

Yeah, lots of small fish. You have to work pretty hard to get something of a decent size. We were fishing around Ebenezer/Sackville.



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