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Sydney Harbour 18-1-09


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Hi everyone,

We fished at the Kingy social on Sunday, it was a beautiful day weather wise.

I gotta say that the highlight of my morning after having been at work all nite, was

a big runny egg, sausage, fried tomato and onion roll with bbq sauce at 6am cooked

to perfection by Ross (Flightmanager) and his sidekick Mako, top marks to you guys.

On the fishing front it was a little on the quiet side for us, we fished the new Wedding

cake for not much but a couple of undersize rat Kings and a Nice Flatty.

We moved from there to closer in to Clifton Gardens. We caught 3 undersize Kingies

there along with 5 Bream, 2 more Flatties and 2 flounder. then it was time to visit

Ross's kitchen again for some lunch as we were all starving. The food once again went

down a treat and topped off a great day. Thank you to all that helped put this great day


Cant wait to do it again next year.


Our take home feed


One of our rats about to take a dive back into the Harbour


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