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Nippers In The Lower Hawkesbury


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Hi all,

Going to pick up a nipper pump in a week or two, need to know if there are any nipper beds in the cowan creek (lower hawkesbury) area.

more specifically near bobbin head and near apple tree bay

ive used some nippers before and the results are explosive, i have a burning need to get some more of em

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Hi hawksburydave

You can find heaps of nippers at the first bay on the left hand side from Apple tree bay at low tide. It is an easy 10 mins walking distance.

i go there often. it's called chindel's bay

do you mean on the sand flats which are exposed at low tide, or near the rocks in the end of the V of the bay

thanks for advice

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here's a tip for you when you buy the pump make sure it's the longer version not the short tube, you'll find it will make pumping the nippers easier on your back :biggrin2:

haha very true mate especially for me because im 6 foot 3

@sammyK - thankyou very much

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Did you buy a siv for it to?

Makes it so much easier to do when your in a bit of water and you seem to get more too.

Either get someone to hold it for you or get a inner tube to sit it in so it floats with the bottom under water. Small length of rope to tie around your waist so it wont float away and your in business.

I find pumping on a angle better on the back.

Go down the same hole at least 3 times and also going a bit deeper each pump to cover the sand colum.

First pump should go 30cm, second 60 and third to the handle.

If you start getting 3 or 4 nippers per hole, the next hole you make only move 50 cm or so away from the last, I find they seem to sit in patches in numbers.

Just take what you need, it's pretty easy to get carried away with it.....

Good luck


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