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Tips For Soft Plastics


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hey fellow raiders

yesterday i went down to apple tree bay with my cousins

also yesterday was the first day i tried using soft plastics. my cousin supplied some "squidgies" so no to be greedy i grabbed one and attached it to an oversized ancient fluro green jighead. after several attempts in one spot down stream i headed towards this submerged tree and started casting from there. after about 3-4 casts using several flicking techniques i caught my 1st fish on a soft plastic. it was a 33cm tailor :1prop:

my inexperience lead to my curiousity.

id like to know more about soft plastics and lures

my target fish in the hawkesbury are flathead, bream, whiting, mullet and possibly jewfish.

can you all recommend some soft plastics and lures



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If your not catching fish, slow down the retreive. Also make sure you have minimal slack line when retreiving so you can feal the fish bite. One plastic i like is the Squidgy 70mm flickbait - in flashprawn colour. Good luck

thanks tripper for the info

will be used during the next trip


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