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Thanks Water Police !


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Thanks to Botany Bay Water Police for towing me back to the boat ramp today ! Both my batteries where dead, and the boat wouldnt start, even though i charged them both yesterday ! I;m definatley going to invest in a pull start cord for my engine !

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Hi Guys

I agree, they do a fantastic job. I broke down in botany bay in the shallows up near the hot water outlet around 2am, eventually they found me and towed me back to the ramp. The only problem was that they towed me at about 20 knots which was really dangerous. My boat is a 5 .35 centre console and because my motor was out of the water i had no steeriing so i was moving side to side in there wash hoping i wasn't going to flip. Still the toe was much appreciated but i was slightly shitting my self and was glad to make it in one peace to the boat ramp.



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