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Fishing The Fads

scotty d

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hey guys just wanted to get some info about the ettiquette at the fads.So i believe, the dollies hang very close to them and believe there would be numerous boats out there on a good day so i guess there would have to be some sort of ettiquette. And just seeing how you guys go about it, livies ,trolled lures,plastics??Obviously im new to this sort of fishing and any help would be muchly appreciated.Oh and also is it worth trolling on the way out there, the sounder on the boat ill be going out on doesnt read acuratley at speed hence wont be able to tell if going over schools and didnt want to go all that way at trolling speed if pointless.Cheers Scott

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If there is a few boats out there do a left to right drift over it. Thats what everyone else will be doing. Don't troll through the middle of everyone. You can still troll around the outside. When they are there in numbers you can be 100 metres away and still hook up. Don't back up to the fad and sit there all day with the motor running as I have seen done.

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