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Dicing With Danger .....


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Hi all

I was a bit slack with the pics today ...... sorry (in advance!)

WIth the visitor numbers slowly dropping prior to school going back next week, I thought I'd head out early this morning (as the other half was going for a swim just after 6am anyway ......) so I packed the yak onto the ute last night so I didn't have to get up any earlier!

The aim of today was to only fish very light, with light leaders & jig heads & try to catch bream on sps! I have caught a few on hbs, but bream on sps eludes me! I tell a lie - I have caught one, but he was foul hooked so doesn't count! My rods were loaded up with 3 & 4lb braid & 6lb leader! :1yikes:

I started tossing sps around the Breck channel weed beds for zip results and went around the back of the islands towards the leases. The tide was still coming in slowly, & I could maneuver the Sport up & down the racks with a bit of assistance from my net for when I needed a "tight turn!"

I threw a Gulp on & hopped it along beside a rack. I'm on!! Darn it, a small flattie. :( I am on again! Another small flattie! Next time, it is a good take & I am fighting a good fish ..... only to have it spit the hook! :( I am sure it was a bream, as it was a totally different fight to the flatties. As we speak, I can't even remember which sp I had on when he took it! I was swapping rods with different sps & had a different Gulp on when WHAM! I AM ON!! :1yikes: Line is being stripped at a rate of knots & I am trying to keep the line away from the rack, whilst trying to tighten the drag whilst this fish is intent on pulling me on top of one of the racks! Just as quickly, I AM OFF!! BUGGER!! :ranting2: I went to throw out again, but noticed the rig looked different somehow! Upon closer inspection, my Shimano Squidgy 'bullet' jig head hook had snapped in half!!!! You could see where the hook had straightened & then PING, busted off! Brand new hook, too! I am pretty sure this one was a bream too, as there were no real head shakes, just pure power, pulling away from me!

I quickly re-rigged & tossed it back in & I get another hit, a 47cm flattie. Into my drogue he goes (I left my keeper bag at home! ) Another hit & a 43cm flattie joins his mate in the bag. I noticed that there was a scuff mark on the line, but threw it back anyway ...... BIG MISTAKE!!! WHAM! BAM! Thank you Ma'am!! A monster grabbed it & inside of 1 second, had bitten thru the line & I lost the rig! :mad3: Hmmm do I go for heavier line? Technically I am still targetting bream, altho I am getting more flatties! Nah! Live dangerously for a change! I did a lap of the lease & came back down & finally I get a bream ......25cm! Only just legal, but legal (to tip of the tail.) He gets put back. 5 mins later I get another flattie, about 40cm, to add to his mates. FIsh & CHips is looking good for tea tonight! :biggrin2:

By now, half of Forster was on the water with me & when I was out of the lease, getting buffeted by fast boats & a rising wind. I have been fishing for 6hrs & it is time to head for home.

I was pleased with my results, even tho the bream were not as forthcoming as they could have been!! I have 3 flatties in the bag & must have put back at least 6! I found the flattie nursery, I reckon! Shame I didn't get to see the one that busted me off, bigtime!

Lesson learnt today - always make sure your Gulp bags are closed properly with juice still inside ....... they turn into bullets if left to dry out!

If I am to persevere with bream on sps, I will have to leave my hbs & 'normal' flattie lures at home! It was fun - must do it again, soon! RIght now, tho, I am knackered! Almost falling asleep at the desk!



I plan on heading over to Taree & see the boys weigh in tomorrow! Should be fun.

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