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Huge Snapper

rob boban

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Simply Awesome snapper! What an incredible fishery they have over there. Thanks for sharing the photo Rob ... maybe next time it will be you standing in the piccy! :biggrin2:



Yeah i wish it was me in the pic, I might have to go check SA out.

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Anyone know why the bump is much more pronounced on one more than the other?

Snapper in SA tend to have less of a pronounced bump than eastern states,

yet you catch more "knobbers" fish with big growths on their noses.

Snapper caught offshore below Kangaroo Island tend not to have a bump at all,

regardless of size yet the fish caught in both gulfs over 60cm nearly always have a bump.

In New Zealand they also catch lots of big snapper without the bump

I think it has to do with where they spend their time, until they start feeding on the inshore

reefs ( of which SA has very little ) the hump doesnt form. Even though the fish in the pic are

large, they are still school snapper - so it makes sense that it might not have a hump as it may not have spent a long time in the gulf and only ventured in there during the spawning run

big resident fish (17kg+) which spend all their time in the gulfs and mostly on one reef are generally loaners and always have a big hump.

I've seen lots of pics of QLD and Far North NSW snapper with massive humps on small fish that

are almost triangle shaped. I've never seen one even close to that in SA, so I the environment

must play a big part in forming the hump


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