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hi all,

after occasional discussiona bout world record fish, i wonder where to access all this information

my ucle has caught a 5.5lb bream which at the time made him third best.

the guy who gave me a flathead said he had the number one record for bream, 8lb. this was probs a fishermans tale but if it wasnt, awesome!

so to reiterate, is there a website with all the fishing world records, not just fishraiders

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I have no idea dave but I once witnessed a guy catch a bream of about 6lb at long reef from the rocks one day years ago - he cleaned it, filleted it and didnt even take a photo!!!! I was flabergasted!

To this day it is stil the biggest bream I have ever seen by a country mile and I have caught several around the 4lb mark! At the time I happened to have one in the freezer that I caught at bar point that tipped the scales at 4lb and this was at least 1/2 its size again - huge!

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I thought australian record bream was like 5kg LoL probly wrong but on the georges last saturday saw a guy catch a 3.1 kg bream on live squid for jewwies he gutted it to find 2 yellowtails and his live squid in his huge gut


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great sites! (probs cant mention specific ones)

the one i checked doesnt have lengths, but i suppose once a fish reaches a certain size it stops getting longer and starts getting wider

i was amazed to see the record weight for tiger flathead was 2.9kilos, one i was going to buy was a total of 34 dollars @ $13.98 a kilo.. that means it was about just over 2.4 kilo, up there with the biggest

do the areas where the record fish have been caught generally produce bigger fish, or is it a one off usually, if so, i wanna head out to georges river, and camden haven river


had a look at banded parma, theres no way mine was half a kilo, but still worth a mention as its afew cm's bigger than the "max"

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