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Troubles With 2004 Mercury


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Gday raiders , I have a merc 25 horse power 2004 motor which has always ran beautifully but recently i am experiencing some issues and would like any advice on what to check for.

When i start the motor EVERY TIME lately , (once the motor is warm and ive been driving) , regardless of just stoped or been fishing for 15-30 mins it wont kick over unless i pull the choke a couple of times to prime the motor,then the second i engage forward drive the revs die as if it is flooding or got no fuel (im insure which one) then i have to repeat the proces and the second time round it starts to do thye same thing but then as i increase the revs it fires up well and im off!!!!.This motor never ran like this when i bought it 12 months ago, its just the last few trips and its frustrating me.I also dont think it would be good for the motor contantly feeding it fuel.Please any reccomendations to check would be appreciated, All i have looked for is that the pump on fuel line dosnt apear to have any holes and i thiunk it looks ok.

Thanks everyone.


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