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Best Way To Put Cabbage Weed On The Hook?


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hey guys and gals

going to give blackies a go soon off the rocks and i cant remember how to put cabbage on the hook properly :( ......i use to be able to do it but its been that long its escaped the memory banks

thanks in advance


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Hi Steve,

I haven't done much blackie fishing but manage to get a few whenever i try. I find its important in picking your weed for how you put it on your hook. I always try to pick it right from the base so you sort of have the roots and that bottom section of the weed intact which is quite solid and gives you something to put the hook in which will hold it on there nicely keeping it presented well looking like a clump has just been washed off the rocks rather than an unreaslistic bunched up ball.

Have a read of the best blackie tips ever post and you should find some useful info there.



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