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New Bream Setup


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Hey Guys

Looking to get another bream outfit for my birthday so I can chase bream on lighter lures with increased casting distance.

Looking at a Sol 2000. Line will probably be 4 and 6lb TD Sensor braid.

Few Questions though,

Need A suitable rod for my setup, was looking a Samurai Rod but then looked at the price tag :thumbdown:

Can't go to custom but I need a rod that will be suitable.



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Whats your budget Steve?

I've got a Sustain 2500 with 6lb sensor braid on a TD Saltwater series rod and its an awesome set up. The saltwater series rods lightest is 6-10lb which is a bit heavier than ideal if you're just using it for bream spinning but i use it for chasing pelagics as well and it does both jobs brilliantly.

Maybe the T-Curve Tournament 2009?


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I meant you're total budget including reel Steve as i'd consider reels other than the SOL, i've used both and i'd stick with the Sustain.

Would bream be its sole purpose or would you chase other stuff with it as well?

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I got my T-Curve from The big tackle store place when ALL shimano rods were 25% OFF. It cost me $168.00

In saying that I got my Advantage Rod and Reel from Go Fish Dural (Peter) got an excellent price, excellent service and quick delivery.

Personally if you can go see Peter, get a T-Curve and try various reels to match in balance, he is a wealth of knowledge, does not try the hard sell (in fact he tried talking me into spending less money!!) and REALLY knows his tackle.



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Hi Steve,

also check out the 1000 reels too - at the ABT yesterday, many of the ABT fishos had 1000s on their rig! They are lighter & means you can fish all day without tiring out.

When buying, if you go to Pete personally, see if you can try out both setups - a 1000 & 2000 with suitable rods.


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G'Day Steve,

Roberta is spot on with the weight factor, especially if you are flicking soft plastics or poppers.

An Abu Cardinal 801, 4lb braid and leader, teamed with Strudwick Sic Stik pro 1-3 kg, serves me beautifully. All very reasonably priced.

:thumbup: Good Luck with the breambos.


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Hi Steve ,

I Have a Td sol sol 2000 reel using 4lb braid and matched it to a Daiwa Infeet 1 piece and it is the best combo i have used at a good price . You should pick up the rod for under $ 150 dollars . I have caught 65cm kings no probs , Nice combo for soft plastics for bream and also serves as my squid rod . When you look at this rod all the guides are really small and never had any issues with wind knots . .

Casts a Mile.......

You are welcome to give it a test . .

Heres the rod specs.....

RF68T-A 6’8” 1 Piece ULTRA LIGHT REGULAR MAX. 8g 3-6lb

Cheers ..... Dogtooth.... :1fishing1: John....... :beersmile:

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