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Lb Umina/ettalong Today

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didn't feel like launching the boat today given the past experiences of public holidays , congestion , ramp rage and the predicted number of boats expected to be on the water.

headed down to Umina/Ettalong beach for a quick session off the sand.

got there around mid-day . lots of people out and about and equal numbers in all kinds of boats .

a real festive atmosphere prevailed along the foreshore with bbq's and picnic's everywhere . there was no shortage of Aussie flags hanging from houses , trees , cars in fact everywhere !! great to see . lobster beach looked like a supermarket carpark , dozens and dozens of boats . Aussie patriotism at its best .

anyway , the fishing .

very quiet for the first half hour or so , then suddenly on came the flatties . in the space of 45 mins landed around a dozen or so just legal guy's on manky old pillies . then just as fast as they came on , off they went .

was great fun while it lasted .

as they were all just legal ( and due to my daughters love of all things wild ) they were sent on their merry way to be caught another day . feel better doing that as they were only just keepers .

no pics i'm sorry . my trustry old mobile phone without a camera just won't die and i won't kill it .

hope you all had a great Australia day . i know i did .

cheers :thumbup:


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Glad the flatties came out to play, Scott. It is a very pretty area up there. Lots of flags out up here, (including ours.) It is only in the last 10 years that the flag waving brigade has been out & about, I think! Must have caught it from the Yanks!



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