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Troubles With Steering


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G'Day Crew,

I have a 10 week old 4.3m Stacer (see avatar <---------) with a Honda 40Hp 4 stroke. Has the "Safe T" steering fitted (cable).

Since day 1, steering has been heavy, clunks when turning left or right, not smooth and the steering wheel does not line up at speed and motor centered.

Took my mates 4.0m Trophy Hornet for a run (side console) with same steering, very nice and smooth, light touch, no clunks and is centered.

Engine/Boat now have 55 hours on it. Don't know if these things "bed in" over time. When it went in for it's initial 20 hour service I was told that "It was normal, they ALL do that".

Any idea's? Hope you can help.



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My thoughts are don't play with it as it is a new boat and covered by warranty.

If it has been happening from day 1 obviously the dealer hasn't checked the rigging of the boat , water test or maybe a small mechanical failure may have occured. Sometime these things just happen in rigging or from the factory but a lot are discovered in pre deliver or test runs buy experienced dealers who actually give a hoot.

What you have is not right . Have a quick look at the area behing the steering wheel so you can describe to the dealer if something is obviously loose or if you can see kinking of cable or a crack in housing etc etc

Speak with the selling dealer and drop it in if local and convenient if they can't offer a obvious over the phone solution that you are confident to complete. If the steering hasn't been obviously abused you really shouldn't have an issue and they are a pretty simple system.

If they aren't prepared to help and back up there product contact stacer and go to a decent dealer as Ross has noted above.

Very unlikely but possible is it is the motor pivot tube that is seized and putting undue strain on the steering system. A simple test for this would be to disconnect the link arm from the motor to the steering cable and by havnd move the motor from side to side . If it is smooth and OK the problem lies with teh steering system.

The place the steering often siezes is where the stainless shaft at the end of the cable goes in and out the tunbe attached to your motor.. The grease goes hard and gunks up. Usually takes a lot longer than 10 weks but if it has been lubricated with the wrong grease it could happen.

Hope it is a quick simple fix and the dealer sorts it for you with no hassles. It is pretty unlikely you have done anything to contribute to the problem unless the motor has struck something or a cable has been some how kinked etc


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I had cable stearing on my previous boat . In addition to Pelican's suggestions , one further area to check is the cable tension.

I found with mine that over a period of time the cables would stretch creating slack & clunking would occur as the slack was taken up each time the wheel was turned


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