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Dangerous People


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G'day all,

Last Sunday, I spend the day with family and friends in the park on the Georges River, along with 10 thousand other people. It was a great day for a BBQ and to give the boys some wakeboarding time.

While sitting there, on the bank, watching the world go by, I witnessed so many stupid and dangerous

acts on the water, by so many people. Some people should not be in charge of boats or jetskis! ( or anything sharp )

There were so many overloaded boats, kids being towed on inflatables with no vests on, and jetski riders that were a danger to everyone. Some of these guys sould be committed! Thankfully, the Maritime Services guys and the water police were also out in force. They did their job well, and nabbed the majority of idiots. Two clowns on jetskis were taken away by the water police.

It really showed that more training/eduction/policing is needed before letting people lose on the water. I think that the proposed changes in watercraft licencing is a good thing.



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I spent the day at Clontarf and witnessed heaps of irresponsible actions by many people. The worse was a guy that had 3 youngsters on an inflatable boat and none of the kids had jackets, the youngest would have been no older than 2. I dont understand!

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Forget the laws, what happened to common sense.

Last time in the Georges, skiing, had a person in the water, when a jetboat with about 5 guys showing off their zig-zaging and speed (would have been about 60k's) aimed straight for the skier, only to change course within 30mts.

Not sure if it was deliberate and they thought it was safe to do so, or they just didn't see the person, but for a second my heart stopped. In any case they should have seen my boat which was about 25mts further away and stayed well clear.

Not to mention the jetskier that raced past me within 10mts whilst anchored at Como. They thought it was so Cool.

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