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St Georges Basin


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Dad and I left Friday arvo to stay at my brothers in Basin view

no fishing Friday just beers and a chat to catch up

got on the water late Saturday morning around 8.00 am

headed for a spot I like not far from the ramp and in about 5 casts had a Bream on

it was a hot bite early boating Bream ,Flatties and whiting

dropped a big lizard at the boat , but thought , I'll get the big old girl tomorrow

Sunday morning we launched the boat at 4.30 am


had our briefing for the Flathead Classic and we were off at 6.00

went to the same spot as Saturday and got a 37 cm Flattie in quick time

in the well it goes , you never know , do you ?

5 mins later I land a 29 cm Breambo , in the tank and back to weigh in for the first time

headed straight back to the same spot and bang, on before the turtleback hit bottom

good tussle on 3 pound for a 35.3 cm Bream , nice upgrade

a bit slow for a while now , Dad hasn't boated a fish yet either

finally land another flattie around 45 cms and we go back to weigh in

things are looking good as lots of teams were really struggling to catch a legal fish

headed back to the same drift and Dad gets a nice Flattie around 50 cms

the fish is bashing around in the well so we weighed it in straight away

after that we could not land another upgrade

I dropped a good flattie of around 60 cms right at the boat and was not happy

my feet were killing me so we pulled the pin at 1.20 pm

at the presentation my Brother ends up with biggest mixed bag

nice prize of a Daiwa tierra combo and a yearly subsrip. to a fishing mag

team meanddad came 17th out of 37,not too shabby considering some of the anglers present

me and dad both scored $50 vouchers to a local tackle shop

and no Davemmm , i didn't get 5 bags of turtlebacks

Monday we went out again and Dad wanted to try his new blades

we went out near the artificial reefs and Dad finally hooks one with a blade


was a tough weekend of fishing for most down there but was still nice to get away

I've got some new lures to try , will be on the Georges next Monday

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Good report robeebee,

I also fished the basin on Sunday and Monday, stayed at a mates holiday house at Sanctuary Point, didnt fish the classic though.

Sunday: Launched at 6.30am and fished on the southern side of the basin, landed 5 legal flatty's biggest going 50cm, 1 bream 36cm and 1 whiting 37cm. All caught on squidgy wrigglers & critters smothered in s factor. All fish caught between 7.00 and 8.30am.

Monday: Launched at 6.00am fished same spot first up, very slow bite only 2 legal flatty's. Moved around a couple more spots before fishing on the northern side of the basin in a small bay, landing 2 cracker bream in 2 casts, 37cm & 38cm on gulp shrimps, also lost a good trevally here approx 40cm. Landed a smaller trevally at 32cm. The bream were caught at 11am.

The weather was kind to us over the 2 days.



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All caught on squidgy wrigglers & critters smothered in s factor.


I got 5 packets of the pro series from the tackle shop

critters , fish ,wrigglers and lobby

can't wait to give 'em a flick


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Congrats on doing so well in the comp Rob. Great effort mate. :thumbup::thumbup:

Well done to your brother on the mixed bag. The new combo will serve him very well! Gee, your Dad will have a go at everything, won't he? A bream on a blade now! :1yikes: Good on him!!



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Well done Rob & Co! Sounds like a fun few days on the water!! You'll enjoy playing with your new sps! :) ANd your brother will still be smiling with his combo!! :)

I have yet to catch a bream on blade .... managed a small flattie once (& the bloke on Forster Bridge!) :1yikes:



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