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Australia Day Morwong


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Hi Everyone ,

Went out early on Australia Day to beat the mad rush at the boat ramp . Got some live bait and headed to see if the kingfish were around unfortunately we sent the livies down and didnt even get a look in for around an hour at various locations. From the start it all looked quiet as the sounder was pretty blank with only a few patches of bait .

So we had a quick bottom bash to see what else was around and managed a few Morwong and the dreaded yellow death to braid ( LEATHERJACKETS ) :mad3: well called it quits after an hour of that and headed home to enjoy a few beers.....

Best fish of the day was Jyes new PB Morwong at just over 2kg and 54 cm......

Cheers Dogtooth...... :1fishing1: John...... :beersmile:




54 Cms

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