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Need A New Reel For Some Old Rods


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Hi Raiders,

Dad's given me some old rods of his that he does use any more. one is 2 metres and one is 1.65m. Im gonna take off the old reels and buy a brand new one, just don't know what is a good brand to catch bream, flathead, whiting and etc. There are some pics below of the rod.

Some advice will be much appreciated. Price range would be $350 at the max i believe.


1.65m rod full


2 metre rod full


2 metre close up

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G'day New2,

If you're planning spending $350 I agree with BillyM... those rods aren't good enough quality to warrant spending that much on reels (I'm assuming $350 for 2 reels).

You have a couple of options still though... you could get a couple of less expensive reels to make a couple of workhorse outfits. They'll still catch plenty of fish. Give Peter and the crew at Go Fish a call... I spend too much time in there so I know they've got lots of options in the $50-$80 range that are good quality.

If you want to get better quality gear your $350 will get you a great outfit like Billy described. One outfit of this quality may give you a lot more pleasure than 2 lesser outfits (but it's no bad thing if you're not into premium gear either)

If you want to spend the same amount on 2 outfits you'll end up with reels in the $50-$100 range each and then rods about the same... therefore you'd probably be better to buy a couple of $175 reels, then upgrade the rods when you can. Again give Pete a call and have a look at reels in that range. Shimano, Daiwa, Okuma, Penn all make good reels in that price range.

Cheers, Slinky

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Hi raiders,

Thanks for the input - Dural is pretty far away from me, and as i dont drive it makes it harder - Just went to a store in the CBD and they have given me a quote of below that would be good for lure fishing:

- Shimano 6'6" Ballistix 3piece, 2-4kg Rod - $129

- Shimano Aernos 2500 Reel - $99

- 6lb Brand Line - FREE

for about $230?????

Think it would be good for a newbie to fishing???????

Your advice and input would be appreciated.



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I would consider going to a BIG (insert letter here) department store if Dural is to far for you,you can buy some nice combos for under $100 which are marketed by an ex rugby league player which have a great range of general purpose rods,then spend the change on some tackle and or a plastics assortment.

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