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Broken Rod Tip.. Repair Or Not?


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Well I'm absolutely spewing. I generally consider myself to be very careful with my beloved fishing tackle, but due to a momentary lapse into stupidity, I've managed to snap the top 2 inches of my 6'6'' Daiwa Procaster (one piece... originally). :1badmood::ranting2: I really loved this combo for plastics and general light tackle work!!!

What do you guys think? Should I go ahead and repair it, or is it not worth it due to a loss in performance? Realistically I think I would end up losing about 3 inches making it 6'3''... Makes me wish I'd bought the 7' model to start with ! :1prop:

Any advise either way would be greatly appreciated, and any repair tips would also be great. I know it's not the most expensive rod in the world but building up my tackle collection has been a long and difficult process of either hiding and/or justifying my many purchases to the :wife:

Thanks in advance! :thumbup:

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G'day Geoff,

I've accidentally shortened a few rods over the years. Always worth fixing but they're never anything like the same as they were... particularly if they're for finesse work like plastics. All my fixed rods have ended up either allocated to rough work like bottom bouncing or kept for when non-fishing rellies come out with me (just ask Jewhunter how much I freaked out when my father in law high-sticked one of my T-curves last time I went out!!)

Cheers, Slinky

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