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The Frog Test


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Stuff the 2nd grader! I am back in Kindy!!! :wacko: My girlfriend did it in 20 secs but won't tell me how! :ranting2:


Just re-read your post, Hodgey - ....A second-grade computing course

I thought it was a primary school kid that did it!!!

So, have you sorted it out yet, Ian???

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Hodgy you are a cruel man...

thats 15mins of my life i have lost and im not game to try it again as i may be there all night... :1prop:


i like a challenge but sometimes things like this make you look sooooooooo dumb when eventually worked out...


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Here ya go folks.

A second-grade computing course in China has this as an apptitude test ... looks like it's back to kindy for me :wacko:

The frog test



A result was had but let it be said is was not the first try :wacko:

Makes it obvious that sometimes we are not as smart as we would like to think we are :biggrin2:

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