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How To Keep Aluminium Clean?


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hi guys after every use of my boat i flush the moter and wash the boat down with soap.but what is the best way to keep the aluminium clean ???im a bit scared to use a acid based cleaner to maintain the aluminium and the boat is starting to get a ruff feel to the aluminium.any ideas?

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aluminium if un painted oxidises constantly

eg if you clean it with a srubber it will form a dull oxidised layer with in minutes evey time you srubb the oxidies layer off in will reform and in doing this you are reducung the thickness


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Some people continuiously pollish their ally boats to keep that new look - beats me why they bought nan ally one to spend all that effort as they may as well bought a wooden painted ones if they wanted maintainance.

If you want the ally to look lik enew all the time there is a nialac ( spelling) coating which is clear and put on at some factories - but hell it scratches just like any other coating so............

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