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Manly/fairlight Fishing Spots!


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Hey Raiders,

Just moved the Manly/Fairlight area, and I was wondering if any raiders could give me any tips on some good lb fishing spots?

Any advice/tips would be very much apprecaited!

The only place where I've fished in this area is Manly Lagoon, which actually has been pretty damn good around high tide.

Fenwickinho :1fishing1:

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I fish land based from North Harbour (opposite Fairlight) occasionally. It's very hit and miss...it's either on or off.

I only fish the lagoon to keep my eye in or get mullet for bait...I used to fish it as a kid (30 years ago) and the deterioration is just to sad to keep going back and seeing. High tide usually gives it some life, but it was pretty dirty 30 years ago...let alone now.

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Fairlight flats is a great spot for bream and flatties from the bottom of the tide upwards. Fish around the weed beds and in the shallows for bream and whitting on poppers this time of year or throw 4-5" plastics for flatties.


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