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Middle Harbour / Spit Bridge


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Hi Raiders,

Went out in a mates boat so he could finally get a king.

Fished Clifton and that mission was accomplished with 5 rats in an hours and a half

plus a decent bream on a mixture of light and heavy outfits ( i love my new Tierra 2500 great reel )

However when we were headin out we saw the biggest bait bust ups between Seaforth and the Spit,

with pilchards clearing the water everywhere.

Pretty excited and thinking we'd be onto fish 5 minutes from the mooring we threw everything

at them as they jumped as splashed around.

The funny thing was although the pillies were clearing the water the whole, we did not see a single

predatory fish either crashing the top, on the sounder or swimming around (bar penguins and seagulls)

It appears the pilchards were chasing little whitebait as these were the only other fishing jumping out.

We were in a 30 footer which a bit big a thirsty to charge all over the place chasing the bust ups

and on a time limit so we didnt hang around for more than 20 minutes

as we couldnt see anything but the pillies (and we already had a frozen block of them on board)

Did any other riaders fish this bait school?

I'm sure the kings/salmon/tailor would have shown up at some point

If i was on my boat I would have stayed around

It seems the dinner bell was ringing loud and clear yet nothing was smashing the pillies

I guess even those at the bottom of the food chain have to have a good day every now and again...


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Hi Jason,

We had a similar thing in the harbour last week.

Saw hundreds of sea gulls on the main harbour and thought has to be fish, got there only to see bait fish feeding, I'm pretty sure they were yakkas as i got a few glimpses and saw yellow tails on them. But no predatory fish in sight, its ridiculous the amount of bait there and not one thing after them, sometimes fish really confuse me, i just cannot think of a possible explanation why there wouldn't be fish after them :wacko:


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