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25th Of Jan @ Harrington


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This is a bit of a delayed post, forgot to post the report.

Me and my mate Tobey fish the Manning river a fair bit in different spots. This day we were fishing off the wall using prawns and mullet. Pulled in quite a few small bream, a black fish and then we managed to get some flatheads.

Two just over 40cm, one over 50cm

Photos below:



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Fishing off the rock wall mate into the surf side. Best thing to do is chuck on a pair of polarised sunglasses and just look at the water as you walk and you can see glimpses of silver.

The bay side of harrington has been quiet for us lately, can sit there with bait on for an hour or so and nothing will touch it. My old man reckons you just gotta pick the tides right but wont tell me when that is hahaha.

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nice work mate, were you fishing just right of the cleaning tables, this is where i caught a couple of 62 and 69cm flattys on Gulp minnows and a 39cm yellowfin bream on a 2" Grub Minnow, i lost maybe 10 rigs was 90% sure fish cut me off but it could of been snagged(im sure the line was getting pulled in) :wacko: , id love to head up there again

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Breamhunter - we were just up from it a little bit at the moment theres a bit of a sand flat and a few rocks so a lot of bream and flathead hanging around there. If you get the chance to go down and have a look you will see what I mean.

Will have to try out off the cleaning tables myself and see how I go.

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