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Ray And Hutcho Back On The Water

Ray R

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G'day Raiders, been a while since my last post, doing heaps of work over the xmas holiday period didn't leave much time for some water fun.

That changed today as my good mate Hutcho , our boys Bryce and Jordan and myself hit the old haunts in search of some flatties.

Firstly we pumped some nippers from Pretty Beach and headed to a special whiting spot, not many there , Jordan pulled in a nice 30cm model but after that the next few were all smallish, so we upped and awayed to our secret Patonga spot to flick SP's for flatties.

So here we are at Patonga all flicking our plastics only to find the place full of small choppers, we still managed a few flatties but they were small and went back in, we did keep a couple around the 45 cm mark though.

Then we took off to another of our secret spots called Lobster Beach, there was only a few boats drifting the sand flats and it was very pleasant and just nice to be out there, we found some willing takers on our SP's. The flatties varied in size from as small as 30 cm up to around 50 cms we naturally let the small ones go , but did keep a few of the larger ones.

It was very hot there as we were partly protected from the noreaster, so as you will see in the pics it was time to get wet, so we did some rather interesting entries in the water, it was great to get wet and cool off.

By now we dried off and took off as the place became infested with PWC's, so we had a few more drifts around Hardys bay and Ettalong scored a nice little bream on one of the remaining yabbies and a couple more small flatties that were returned.

That was it for the day , great to be out again with Hutcho and the boys, can't wait till our next outing.

Cheers Folks, Ray R....

Bryce (young hutcho )


Jordan (young Ray )




A feed of flatties and a whiting


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Welcome back Ray, Hutcho, Little Ray & Little Hutcho!! :thumbup::yahoo: I've been missing your posts & your terrific pics!!!

oh yeah - nice shot of Hutcho, too!!! :074: That is one way of hiding his identity!! :wacko: (only kidding!) Nice way to cool off in this hot weather tho!! I can tell you this - you'll never get a pic of me in my swimmers!!! I don't have any! :1prop:

Nice looking flatties, too - well done!

Looking forward to more posts soon! :)



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Woo hoo! They're back :yahoo::yahoo:

Welcome back fellas, and nice to read about the rest of the family joining in the fun. There is some fantastic photos that we have missed for so long. Ray; you got a '7' for style, Bryce (same spelling as my son's name too!) and Jordon get a '9' for athleticism and Hutchy gets a '10' for mystery :biggrin2:

Keep the reports coming fellas! :thumbup:



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Ray & Hutch,

G'day gents,

and well done on getting out and into the fish. I was wondering where you two had got to. I have not seen a report from either of you since we caught up on Middle Harbour back in Nov. That was a shame with the wind and all, as it could have been a great day out chasing the Sydney Kings. Anyway I am a little curious about the missing photo. Little Hutch, Little Ray (and who is actually sayng they are little? Been a few years since I looked that fit) and Ray but, where's Hutch????? I'm with you Hutch we just are not that flexible anymore and we don't need to show it off :1prop:

Might need to organise another team event in the near furture. Hutch there is an event coming up in March which Chappo and I are onto, FYI.

Ray, I've taken a leaf out of your book and started on taking photos of what about, other than fish, to put into my posts. Fishing the freshwater inpoundmnet s can be slow with the fish but, there is always something movng about.

Well done again guys.


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