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Hi raiders,

This is a bit late and the second time I've had to write this as I lost the first one.

After bombing out in Nov due to a wind that would blow a dog off a chain off a chain off a chain off a chain off a chain (no it's not a typo) I decided, with the grace of my good wife :wife: (she does not look like that all the time) to came back for another crack. This time I brought my 9yo son to see if we could get some good fish.

So, in the early hours of a Sunday morning I got him up with much grumbling and we made the long trek to "Resort Milham" which is my Brothers place. 5 minutes from Roseville boat ramp and alway stocked with beer and food :tease:

Having settled in it was time to fish. I'm sure many of you know how hard it is to get a 9yo out of bed let alone at 5am but, I some how manged it. We hit the ramp and out onto the Harbour proper and guess what :mad3: Yep! WIND ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGH not again. It was different this time there were fish.

I hit my fav spot S&P and almost straight away the yakkas were up then wooooosh, in came the kings. They were pinching the burley bits so it thought, why not try. On my 3 kg gear a I buried a hook into a pillie tail and next thing (what's the descripta?) ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNGGG! I'm on. My young bloke is looking over the side :1yikes: saying DAD DAD DAD YOU'RE ON. I tried to give him the rod but, he made a hasty retreat to the bow to get the net (good boy this one) After a few minutes the fish is in the boat. This was the scene for the next couple of hours. All throw backs but, GREAT FUN.

The following day again, trying to get a 9yo up at 5.00am. Yeah well let's say I had to remind myself of Mums advice but, once he was up and had his 8 weetbix he was good to go. We hit the ramp and again the wind was up too. Anyway we had some more fun this day with a bit of surface action on some tailer and salmon and a good cruise around the harbour. The stop at the Clontarf Cafe' was a winner too. We also dropped in and picked up Little Cousin and went for a run about. The smile says it all.

Day 3. No way was any 9yo getting up that many times in a row that early. I said some prays to the wind Gods and met my fishing buddy of Fishing Buddies, Chappo, at the ramp. He said a pray too and out we went. Well, they were answered. The water was like glass and we went and did a repeat of the the first 2 days.

First thing livies. No way. Kings taking peeled prawns. What's the descripta? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZIIINNNNGGGGGGG! Chappo and I both hooked up on bream gear. This was fun. We managed a few rats but on the light stuff great fun all round. Now I have been in a boat with this bloke many times but, I can not work out how, after I taught him everything he knows, how he can catch solid bream time after time when we both use the same bait, rig, boat etc. I got a sweep or trevas and he gets bream :wacko:

We needed squid and made a dash to a good spot before coming back to the sow. Out go the squid and next thing (what's the descripta?) ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGG. Chappo gets a run. No hookup :thumbdown: A few secs later (what's the descripts?) ZZZZZZZIIIINGGGGGGGGGGGG. I'm on. Now I've upgraded to my heavy rig. (9kg :wacko: ) That's my best gear and I like to give the fish a chance and have caught many but this one was hot tot trot. I got him up and one look at Chappo's smiley face and it was "asta la vista baby" into the reef and gone. Well that's what I came for and a great buzz just to get smoked. A short time later the noreaster kicked in and we got the heck outa there.

I can not believe how well the Harbour has recovered and how lucky you local blokes are to have it. I look forward to bobbing about in the wash again soon

Thanks Chappo



Man I had a time getting these photos in. Out of practice :))

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for agreat day out. You summed it up well with a good report. I put a post on about the fishing the Friday after we fished and about still getting nailed by rat kings on bream gear and peeled prawns. I got a few personal inquiries from some guys who I guess want to give it a bash! I can honestly say, it was the most fun I've had with my clothes for quite a while! See you in March for the Hawkesbury assault.


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