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Dollies At The Fad


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Fished the Broken Bay FAD yesterday for some small buy fiesty Dollies, around the 50 to 60cm mark, some a bit fatter and 65cm.

Interestingly they wouldn't take our fat juicy fresh yellowtail taken from West Head BUT loved a floated pillie or 2 - just shows that all the freshest bait just sometimes doesn't cut it agains the humble pilchard

Dollies came on about 10am (very late in my experience), after everyone had left the FAD assuming there wouldn't be any Dollies, which is almost what we did but then bam, the floated pillie kept them coming in for the next 90 minutes or so.

The water was a magic blue and 22.5 to 22.9 deg


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Well done mate on hanging in there & getting amongst all the fun catching dollies when everyone else lost

patience.I have been out there a few times when the small dollies turn there nose up at live yakka's & scoff

down pilles floated down along with a few cube's for berley,it sometime's takes one fish to bite & it will spark

up the rest of the school.

Having said that,when the dollies are in a bigger class of fish say around 2 to 4kg or bigger,then they will rarely refuse a live bait,especially if your lucky enough to have a slimey.



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