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Hi Raiders

i was wanting to know peoples thoughts on hydrofoils pros/cons do they really work ie to save fuel and better planing



I put a permatrim on my 60 etec and it helped a heap, Although i have A LOT of weight at the transom with a 50lt tank and 60lt bait tank and 2 electric downriggers.

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i have tried a few different types and on the recomondation of sue from down at huetts i bought perma trim .....all i have to say is the plastic wing type of hyrdrofoil are absolute crap ....the perma trim on the other hand has been awasome for my tinny in keeping the nose down and planing at a lower speed.

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Its horses for courses. Depends on your boat.

A permatrim adds length to a boat - and it will not fit in my gararge!

Took the stingray one of my mates haines 5.65m boat (which made it suddenly heavily list to one side when water sking - quite frightening!) and put it on my lazeabout 4.5m quinny after reading a article in fishing world.

Have lost about 1-2 knots off the top end speed, but can plane in calm conditions down to 8-9 knots.

Works for me and my q-tinny.

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