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Late Kingy Report


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Hi Raiders,

decided to put the Bream gear away for a change and chase some kings. Headed out around 0530 and started with getting a few squid for bait (its been a lot of years since anything other than a lure has been on my line). Stopped at the first spot and boated 11 squid. Decided to move to another productive spot with another ten or so and 5 cuttlefish to boot.

Now all we needed to do was located some Kings. Stopped outside watsons after finding a big bait school and down went to squid. Almost instantly we had our first double hook up of the day. mine went 74 and the Mrs a 62. Things went quite after a while so we moved on. Stopped at another likely spot and a few other boats where around also. dropped a couple of strips and a couple of livies. Put a live cuttlefish down on the big gear as well. after about 5 mins the mrs rod is doubled over and she is struggling with a good fish so i grabbed the net and BANG off goes my rod and another double hook up with a nice par of kings in the boat. straight back in the water with another couple of baits and both rods doubled over again yeeeehaaaa.

Next thing the rod with the Cuttlefish gets hammered and im on for the best so far. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz drag was screeming and then it changed direction and there was no chance of stopping it as it headed for the anchor rope. Really tightened the drag on it and POP, hung my head in shame and battled on.

A few more kings landed here and then off to another spot where the missus landed the best for the day in the 80's.

Off home with a couple of big kingy fillets and some good squid for the table. Decided to get some prawns, oysters, scallops and wine to really top the day off.

Sorry for not posting pics. I have the pic of the Mrs biggun on my phone but it won't let me blueooth it to my computer. Ill try again and see if Ican get the pic up.



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