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Fishing The Hawksbury


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Hey all this is a bit of a late report but here it goes anyway.....

Me and my dad headed the Hawksbury. Was on the water by 5.30 water was calm heading out lion island but getting closer the swell was getting pretty big started to have second thoughts on heading out. But we still continued on our journey to be greeted by calm weather. So we found our drifting starting point. 1st drift caught 2 tailor 2 flathead a couple of undersize snapper and 2 shovel nosed sharks. Second drift got 3 more flathead and 1 shovel nosed sharks. 3rd drift got 4 more flathead. Done a fourth drift but only got 1 small rock cod and snags :05: . Headed back to the ramp pretty happy with our catch only to see other people that came in for the day went pretty crap. All in all had a top day on the water spending time with my dad.

Cheers Joe :1fishing1:



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Good on ya Joe,

Sounds like you had a great day on the water, made even better by the fact that you got to share the experience with you dad.........the great feed of fish you caught is just a bonus :clapping: .



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