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Off The Beach Jew Gear


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I've been observing for a while so it's about time I made a post.

The old man wants to get back into fishing with me and his birthday is around the corner and i've just moved opposite the beach. So....

I want to set him up with a beach Jew outfit for about $350-$400. Including Tackle. Which i'll probably duplicate for myself. I am new to Jew fishing but he is not, he's just been off the radar for 15 years or so.

I know everyone will have different ideas but I'm happy to hear them right down to the last detail.

Thanks in advance,


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G'day Slinger & :1welcomeani: to the site.

Do you know if your dad is more comfortable using a threadline, alvey or overhead reel.

This might help us narrow it down a bit.



Thanks Grant,

Good point.


He is used to threadline but I'd say he wouldn't object to trying an overhead.


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From the beach It is difficult to cast into some of the deeper second gutters with a overhead.

I use spinning reels and have to be careful not to get any sand in them, but they are versatile and I also use them on my boat rods.

Alvery are a simple design and work well for just beach or rock fishing, with less concern about getting sand in the working gears of your reel.


As far as rods are concerned get a 12ft, not 10ft. 6-10kg or 8-10kg are good sizes for the larger fish like Jewies. Live fibre or Graphite if you want to spend up and 20lb braid should suffice provided there is no rocks close.




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No worries mate.

I use overheads but you must be careful of the sand.

Shimano & penn have a couple of good 10 -12 ft overhead rods & matched with an ABU 7000 reel it's a great casting combo that can handle a big jew. 10kg braid should be fine on this rig & it would cost around $250 -$300.00.

As for a threadline outfit go for a nice 12ft stick, 6- 10kg rated & match it with a penn slammer or shimano baitrunner. The baitrunner would be my choice. That should also fit into your budget.



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