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Port Hacking Jew 1/2/09 Land Based


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G'day all

Took my brother in law out for a Bream fish last night. Things started out pretty good with a heap of Tailor around us, but unfortunately this meant we could not get a bait past them too the Bream. The school of Chopper got me thinking Jewies. I've sounded them out underneath Tailor a couple of times before from my boat so I thought it might be worth while throwing out a fresh squid on a heavier rod. It ended up paying off, a couple of minutes latter my reel started screaming and not long after that a nice little 83cm Jew was ready for the net. I got a bait out asap hoping for a similar fish for Noel but I guess the school moved on.

Things went quiet and we were able to concentrate on Bream. A succession of fair to middling Bream followed then Noel hooked a real nice Bream that did a good job of trying to bust him off on a near by pole. It was touch and go for a while but the leader didn't fail. Needless to say We had a good night.



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Damn nice fish there mate. Any chance of mentioning the general vicinity.. Congrats on the catch.

I will be heading out for a night jew sess in the boat soon since i have noticed a fair bit of bait activity inside the Hacking of late as I go out. I sure hope I can post a similar report :1fishing1:

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