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Sydney Flats Fishing


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Got a daiwa exceler 1500 over christmas but today was the first session using.

Hit some middle harbour flats for the low tide at 1900. Mutliple casts over the flats themselves using a tiny wriggler got some suitably tiny fish - 1x~15cm whiting; 3xsub 15cm flathead and a body hooked 10cm bream. Nothing to take home but great to have a bit of action on the new reel. It finally got low enough to get access to cast off over the drop-off and the first cast got whacked.

Realised I still had on my 3lb fireline 4lb fluoro spool (instead of the spare 6lb spool) and downgraded my hopes to just being able to see what it was. Walked the fight back onto the flats holding the rod as high as possible to avoid the headshakes, and saw a nice fish on the end - hoping to see a bit of my plastic on it's lip implying a nice lip hook (thus increasing my chances of landing it) all I could see was that micro thin leader deep in its mouth. With nowhere to beach it - managed to grab it's bottom lip with my pliers.


The plastic was hooked around it's gills. Damn lucky catch! A great little first fish for the exceler. Went 50cm.

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