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Quick Arvo Session For A Few Flatties


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After my first father/son yak trip on Saturday, I hit the harbour for a quick runout session yesterday arvo. The fish were about 30 minutes apart but I got 4 within 20 minutes all on one colour of SX40. :1prop: My usual livewell ( 6" plumbers pipe with end caps was siezed shut so I had to keep the fish in the yak around the mirage drive! :wacko: My mate stood fishless casting from the deck of his cruiser so I threw him a couple of fish for dinner. All up 7 keepers from 38-48cm and I just finished some dioxin-flavoured fillets for dinner My mates famous last words...'Gotta bring that kayak down from my inlaws holiday house!'


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Hodgey I run 10lb fluro on one rod and 14 on the other....needless to say that the lighter leader caught 6 of the 7 flatties all on a gold SX40.

A few bream started coming on as the sun set too so I might hang out there an hour longer next time:)

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