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can't remember the author but by far the best book for the area is one called "Sea Fishes of Southern Australia".

Colour plates of every species,well organized so easy to identify fish. Even have plates of juveniles of many species where they look different to adults.

Cheers, Slinky

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There is one called "Coastal Fishes of South-Eastern Australia" by Rudie H Kuiter

Excellent info in it.

Books like these make great Birthday/ Christmas(just missed that one) Fathers day presents or with the money that the Government is going to give us buy it for yourself..... or buy it for the Wife/partner/girlfriend and use it when she's not looking at it :biggrin2:

Hope this helps.

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I wish the government could help me pay for some of my kit or a nice "bonus" just in time for christmas would have been great..............

Then again I need to find a good accountant to reduce my taxable income. :1badmood:

Life can be funny sometimes.


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